Domestic Violence: What It Is And Possible Case Outcomes

Domestic violence is a huge problem today. Statistically, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience some form of abuse from their partner. Furthermore, domestic violence cases account for about 15% of all violent crime cases in the United States. Leaving an abusive relationship or marriage can be very difficult, but there are resources for you to reach out to in your time of need.  What Is Domestic Violence? Read More 

Charged With a Crime? What to Know About Self-Defense

The law allows people to defend themselves when they have been attacked. However, using self-defense as an excuse when facing criminal charges is another matter. To find out more about this defense tactic, read on. Defending Yourself From Criminal Charges Many people never think about what they would do in a dangerous situation until the time comes and they must take action. Unfortunately, those who take action might find out that they now have to defend themselves a second time. Read More 

How Complex Is The Criminal Record Expungement Process?

Criminal record expungement law is a process meant to clear the slate for folks who've paid their debts to society and moved on with their lives. Unfortunately, it's not always a simple process, and it's wise to ask for the help of a criminal record expungement attorney before starting it. Take a look at what makes the process complex and how you'll have to handle it. Jurisdictions If you were charged with offenses in several states or at the state and federal levels, you will have to pursue expungement with each jurisdiction. Read More 

Don’t Make These DUI Charge Mistakes

If you are charged with a DUI, you should take the allegations seriously. A DUI can change your life, leaving you with a lot on your plate. The good news is that you can turn to a criminal defense attorney who can help you determine what you can do next in your fight. In the course of fighting your charges, make sure you avoid these common DUI mistakes. Do Not Ignore Your Charges Read More 

What Are The 5 Types Of Sex Crimes?

A sex crimes lawyer usually defends people accused of at least one of 5 types of offenses. Take a look at what the 5 classes of sex crimes are and how each might apply. Forcible Assaults These are the offenses most easily understood as sex crimes, such as rapes, marital rapes, and sexual assaults. In these cases, an alleged perpetrator is accused of forcing a sex act on a victim. Consent is usually the central issue in these cases, especially when a sex crimes attorney has evidence showing both parties consented. Read More