Why You Need a Lawyer to Reinstate Your Driver’s License

Do you drive to work each day with a suspended driver's license because you need the income for your living expenses? Each time that you drive to work, you are taking the risk of getting pulled over by a police officer and facing time behind bars. What many drivers who are in such a situation do not understand is that getting a license suspended is not irreversible. For example, the words of the police officer that you pulled you over at the time of your alleged offense do not have to be the absolute truth. Talk to a lawyer about getting your license reinstated and he or she will take several steps to assist with the case.

Assessing Your Alleged Driving Offense

Before a lawyer can assess the details of your alleged driving offense, you must be honest when providing him or her with an explanation. For example, is what you were accused of the truth, but the officer falsified a portion of the report that was written up? You must let a lawyer know about everything that you did wrong, even if you are guilty of being intoxicated. After details are gathered, a lawyer will look for discrepancies in your case to build a defense for your license being reinstated. Even if you were driving while intoxicated, a lawyer can build your case around your overall criminal background, character, and driving record.

Explaining Why Your License is Needed

You must provide your lawyer with an explanation of why you need your license to be reinstated. If you cannot afford public transportation to get to and from work, or there is not a city bus near your home, let the lawyer know. The more details that you can provide regarding why you need your license will help the lawyer build a stronger case. He or she will take the information you provide and explain to a judge why it is a good idea to return your driving privileges. Even if your full driving privileges are not reinstated, a lawyer can help with occupational or restricted privileges that allow you to drive to and from work.

Demanding an Ignition Lock Device

If driving under the influence of alcohol is why your license was suspended, a lawyer might request license reinstatement under the condition of an ignition device being installed. The device can be installed on your vehicle to not allow the engine to start unless you can pass a breathalyzer test. Consult with a lawyer to learn more about what he or she can do to get your license reinstated.