3 Instances When You Need A Lawyer For Your Assault Case

Most people hardly think that physical violence will be part of their day when they leave the house for their daily errands. However, some situations can come up when you're not careful and tempers flare, leading to physical confrontations. Sometimes, you become the victim of criminal activity. Either way, you need to know what to do when arrested over assault charges or when you need to bring charges against someone for assault. Here are three instances when you might need an assault lawyer. 

Fighting for Your Rights

There is nothing nobler than standing up for yourself when you feel that someone is infringing on your constitutional rights and freedoms. However, it is also possible to get carried away in the process and compromise other people's rights through acts of physical violence. You should hire an assault lawyer because the constitution allows you to fight for your rights. In most cases, when an assault happens, you will have an urge to speak up and explain yourself, which can worsen your case sometimes. The lawyer can help you invoke your right to remain silent and wait for the due process of the law. 

Getting Physical at a Trial

Few things get more emotionally charged than a court battle. You might have received enough coaching about the cross-examination process and how to handle the opponent's lawyer. However, when you are on the stand with the other party trying to pin you down, your temperatures will flare, and you might try to settle what you didn't resolve outside the courtroom. Having a lawyer is excellent because it will help you remain grounded throughout the process, from the opening statement to the ruling. Therefore, a lawyer is your chance to stay out of jail if you experience a case of assault. 

Collecting Evidence

Most assault cases end up in situations of your word versus that of the other party. However, there could be witnesses that saw the incident happen from the start, and they could be helpful to your case. The lawyer knows how to prove that your assault was not a planned act. They can gather evidence to show that your life was in danger or someone provoked you into the violence by violating your rights.

The penalties for assault can range from a slap on the wrist to several years behind bars. It is wise to look for a qualified lawyer immediately after you get arrested. The assault lawyer will help you gather evidence and prove your innocence. 

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