Criminal Defense Lawyer And Telling The Truth

There are many crimes that can be committed both serious and some less serious. No matter what type of crime has been committed, a criminal defense lawyer can help defend you. A criminal defense lawyer will be your advocate to help dismiss the charges or have them reduced. Having an attorney can make the difference between jail time or community service in some instances. You will always want to consult an attorney whenever you are charged with a crime. Read More 

Three Complications That May Hinder A Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim allows you to sue for damages when your loved one dies due to another person's fault. Just like other types of claims, you may face some complications while trying to prove your claim and win your case. Here are some of the hurdles to expect while preparing for such a claim: Limitations on Who Can Instigate the Lawsuit Whether or not you can sue for wrongful death depends on your states laws. Read More 

Should You Refuse A Breathalyzer Test?

You may have had this discussion with your friends. Inevitably, someone at the table (or bar) will state that you should always refuse a breathalyzer test. After all, there is some question whether they are accurate or not. Also, shouldn't you refuse to do anything until you've contacted your lawyer? These are good, logical points, but they really do not apply. In most instances, you should say yes to the breathalyzer, even if you do not trust them. Read More 

So, Your Roomie is Distributing Drugs. Are You at Risk for Criminal Prosecution?

If you aren't married with kids, then it is likely that you are living with at least one roommate. What many people don't realize is that they can be held liable for certain crimes that their roommates commit. It ultimately boils down to your actual involvement and level of knowledge in regards to your roommate's unlawful dealings. In some cases, you could potentially face criminal charges related to your roomie's actions. Read More 

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Arrested

There are few things more frightening than being in trouble with the law. You may lose sleep at night wondering if you will have to spend a considerable time in jail or not. However, it is very important to stay calm so that you do not do something to damage your case. Here are five common mistakes people make when arrested: Resisting Arrest Even if you are completely innocent, you should never resist arrest from a police officer. Read More