Why A Title Search Might Not Come Back Clean

One of the more worrisome things during any property transaction is the possibility that a clear title to the location can't be produced. Under real estate law, the transfer of a property has to occur without any outstanding reasons for it to not happen. It can be helpful to understand why a title search might not come back with a clean bill of health. Liens One of the most common reasons for a search to be problematic is that there's an outstanding lien on the title. Read More 

Hire A Property Division Attorney To Help You During A Divorce

If you are getting divorced, you might need to get some help from a property division attorney. No matter how long you were married to your partner, you may have both earned decent money while contributing to the finances and making different investments alone and together. Figuring out who gets to keep certain items is often a challenge when two people decide they are going to get divorced because the relationship is simply not working out. Read More 

Criminal Charges That Are Possible When You’re a Compulsive Masturbator

If you've been diagnosed with a medical condition such as compulsive masturbation, you know how disruptive the symptoms can be. Having this condition means that you may engage in masturbatory acts without first ensuring that you're in a private area of your home. While medical attention, often in the form of medication and therapy, can be helpful as you fight your way through this condition, you must also be aware that it could leave you facing legal issues. Read More 

Can Your Lawyer Negotiate Your Bail Amount?

Shortly after you're arrested or charged with a specific crime, you have your first appearance in front of a judge for something called an arraignment. The arraignment is in place for you to formally enter your plea and receive judgment based on the plea you enter. At the arraignment, you also negotiate your release from custody so that you can continue to work, care for dependents, and go about your normal business in the months leading up to further court appearances. Read More 

Charged With A DUI While Out Of State? Here’s What You Need To Know

A DUI charge while out of state can cause a whirlwind of confusion. Many people falsely believe that they will only deal with courts in the state where they were arrested for a DUI, but that's usually not the case. The state where you get a DUI can, of course, charge you for breaking their laws, but they cannot revoke your driver's license. That doesn't mean you are in the free and clear and can keep your driving privileges. Read More