Criminal Defense Lawyer And Telling The Truth

There are many crimes that can be committed both serious and some less serious. No matter what type of crime has been committed, a criminal defense lawyer can help defend you. A criminal defense lawyer will be your advocate to help dismiss the charges or have them reduced. Having an attorney can make the difference between jail time or community service in some instances. You will always want to consult an attorney whenever you are charged with a crime. When interacting with your criminal defense attorney, you will want to make sure that you always do one specific thing. Tell the truth. Below are the reasons why you will want to be completely truthful and honest with your attorney regarding the crime.

1. Appropriate Defense Strategy. When you tell your attorney the truth, they will be able to come up with the appropriate strategy that best fits your need.

a. Denial. Your lawyer may recommend that you deny that you committed the crime. If you are not guilty of a crime and you have told the truth to your attorney, you will be a lot more likely to get off clean.

b. Confession. If you tell your attorney that you committed the crime, you may want to confess to what you did. Many times, this strategy will help get you a lesser sentence. If you confess, a plea bargain might also be struck. This could help reduce the sentence, and reduce the length and cost of a trial that goes to court.

c. Admission and Explanation. Many times you may be guilty but may have additional information as to why you committed the crime or in what manner the crime was committed. This falls somewhere in the middle of confessing and denying. In many cases, this extra explanation can help to lower the charges.

2. Better Trial Preparation. When you tell the truth to your attorney, you will be able to be better prepared for the actual trial. Throughout the process, your attorney will coach you through mock interviews and other processes. When you tell the truth, the lawyer will be able to coach you and prepare you better, and build a defense case that will be more believable. You may also have to testify in your trial. When you are being truthful, remembering facts is also easier and you will not be caught in a lie which could hurt your case.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is always better to tell the truth in your criminal defense case.

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