Criminal Charges That Are Possible When You’re a Compulsive Masturbator

If you've been diagnosed with a medical condition such as compulsive masturbation, you know how disruptive the symptoms can be. Having this condition means that you may engage in masturbatory acts without first ensuring that you're in a private area of your home. While medical attention, often in the form of medication and therapy, can be helpful as you fight your way through this condition, you must also be aware that it could leave you facing legal issues. Should you face any of these serious criminal charges because of your compulsive masturbation disorder, speak to a criminal defense attorney to plan a defense based around this condition.

Indecent Exposure

It's highly possible that you could be charged with indecent exposure as a direct result of your compulsive masturbation disorder. This health condition can cause you to masturbate in public areas or in areas that you mistakenly believe are public, but are not. For example, if you're walking in the woods by yourself, you might decide to masturbate with the mindset that you're alone. However, if a group of hikers was to walk past you and see you, they'd almost certainly call the police to report your behavior.

Public Nudity

Another charge that is possible to face in your difficult situation is public nudity. Of course, you don't technically need to get fully undressed to engage in masturbatory behavior, but it's possible that you could have done so in an area that was public to some degree. While public nudity laws vary from state to state, one thing that won't change is the public's response to you engaging in this sort of behavior where you're visible — it will virtually always result in notifying the police.

Lewd Conduct

Lewd conduct shares a lot of similarities to indecent exposure, and depending on where you live, you may be charged with one or the other. Lewd conduct generally refers to someone who engages in behavior of a sexual nature in an area in which he or she is visible to other people. For someone who suffers from a compulsive masturbation disorder, lewd conduct is a change that may arise. For example, perhaps you feel an uncontrollable urge to masturbate, and choose to do so in the bathroom of a shopping mall — without closing the stall door. If someone were to find you and report you to the police, a lewd conduct charge would likely result.